Population Of Busselton | Busselton Population 2019

Population Of Busselton | Busselton Population 2019:- Busselton is a city in Western Australia. Busselton Founded in 1832 by the Bussell family, Busselton is 220 km south-west of Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Busselton has been voted WA top tourist town in 1995, 1996, and 2005. Orange Population NSW


Population Of Busselton:

Talking about Busselton people, in order to check out the population of Busselton in 2019, we need to have a look at the resident of the past 4/5 years. They are as per the following:

  • 2014 –35,443
  • 2015 –36,285
  • 2016 – 40,998
  • 2017 – 44,130
  • 2018 – 46,098
  • Busselton Population 2019 – 48,066

Predicting the 2019 population of Busselton is not easy but we can get the idea after analysing the people from the year 2014 – 18. As we have seen that every year the Busselton people increases by approximate 1968 people. Hence, the population of Busselton in 2019 is forecast to be – 48,066.

Busselton Population 2019 – 48,066. (estimated)

Population Of Busselton | Busselton Population 2019


Population Density And Growth

The population density of Busselton is 80 persons per square km. According to reports, the present pace of Busselton growth is said to proceed for an additional 5 years and after that, the pace of resident growth will rise.



According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Busselton had a permanent resident of 25,950 in 2004 with Busselton town accounting for 67% or 17,400 of the total. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, during the year 2004/2005, Busselton’s resident growth rate for the 12-month period was 6.5%, bringing 1700 new residents to Busselton and increasing the resident to an estimated 27,546. In 2k12, Busselton gained city status.

Busselton’s population growth over the past decade has been centred along the shores of Geographe Bay; this has created a narrow urban strip 15 km long and around 1 km wide.

Religion (Census 2016)
Christian 56.3%
Muslim 0.5%
Buddhist 1.2%
Hindu 0.3%
Jew 0%
Other religion/belief 0.7%
Secular / no religion 40.9%




Busselton Beach is Very popular, Busselton Beach is known for the turquoise-coloured, tranquil waters and white sands.

Busselton Jetty

Busselton is home to the longest wooden jetty in the SH. Construction of the Busselton jetty began in 1853 and was continually extended until the 1960s when it reached its current length of 1841 m. Since 2003, the Busselton jetty has offered visitors a tourist train ride, an underwater observatory, and an interpretive centre.

St Mary’s

St Mary’s, built in 1844–1845, is allegedly the oldest stone church in Western Australia. John Molloy and John Garrett Bussell were the main people behind the construction of the church. Mildura Population

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