Population Of Karratha | Karratha Population 2019

Population Of Karratha | Karratha Population 2019:- Karratha is a city in Western Australia. In 2018, Karratha had an urban population of 16,708. Karratha’s name meaning in Aboriginal language is “good country” or “soft earth”. Mildura Population


Population Of Karratha

Talking about the population of Karratha, in order to check out the population of Karratha 2019, we need to have a look at the people of the past 4/5 years.

  • 2013:- 17,927
  • 2018:- 16,708
  • Karratha Population 2019:- 16,500 (Estimated)


Population Of Karratha | Karratha Population 2019



In 2018, there were 16,708 people in Karratha, a decline from the recent peak of 17,927 in 2013. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people make up 13% of the Karratha population.


People – Cultural & language diversity

Ancestry Karratha (C) %
Australian 8,665 30.5
English 6,571 23.1
Scottish 1,625 5.7
Irish 1,616 5.7
Australian Aboriginal 770 2.7

The most common ancestries in Karratha were Australian 30.5%, English 23.1%, Scottish 5.7%, Irish 5.7% and Australian Aboriginal 2.7%.


Country of birth

Country of birth %
Australia 66.6
Other top responses
New Zealand 5.1
England 2.9
Philippines 2.5
South Africa 1.4
India 1.1

In Karratha, 66.6% of people were born in Australia. The next most common countries of birth were New Zealand 5.1%, England 2.9%, Philippines 2.5%, South Africa 1.4% and India 1.1%.



Religion %
No Religion, so described 35.1
Catholic 21.1
Not stated 15.8
Anglican 11.7
Christian, nfd 2.7

The most common responses for religion in Karratha were No Religion, so described 35.1%, Catholic 21.1%, Not stated 15.8%, Anglican 11.7% and Christian, nfd 2.7%. In Karratha, Christianity was the largest religious group reported overall (53.0%).



Language %
Yindjibarndi 1.5
Tagalog 1.4
Filipino 1.0
Mandarin 0.9
Afrikaans 0.6
English only is spoken at home 74.5
Households where a non-English language is spoken 14.1

In Karratha, 74.5% of people only spoke English at home. Next Most common languages spoken at home included Yindjibarndi 1.5%, Tagalog 1.4%, Filipino 1.0%, Mandarin 0.9% and Afrikaans 0.6%.



Karratha’s economic activity includes the ammonia export, Salt mining, iron ore operations, North West Shelf Natural Gas Project, Australia’s largest natural resource development and the newest Natural Gas Project called Pluto LNG.

Karratha has the largest shopping centre in the Pilbara, Karratha which has major food and grocery retailers and department store chains. Karratha centre also serves the neighbouring towns of Dampier, Wickham and Roebourne. The Karratha Health Campus is the hospital that services the greater City of Karratha local govt area, newly opened in 2k18.



Karratha is an isolated city. Karratha is located approximately 1,535 kilometres north of Perth and 241 kilometres west of Port Hedland on the North West Coastal Highway.

Karratha is at the south-central end of Nickol Bay, which has had settlements on the bay since the 1860s. Sunny Kaushal

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