Population Of Mount Isa | Mount Isa Population 2019

Population Of Mount Isa | Mount Isa Population 2019:- Mount Isa is a city in Queensland, Australia. Mount Isa came into existence because of the vast mineral deposits found in the Mount Isa region.

Due to the lead production in Mount Isa, It has one of the most intensive air quality monitoring systems in Australia. Concerns have been raised over childhood lead contamination and air pollution within Mount Isa. The Mount Isa Mines, in particular, is a source of significant lead pollution. Karratha Population


Population Of Mount Isa

Talking about the population of Mount Isa, in order to check out the population of Mount Isa 2019, we need to have a look at the people of the past 4/5 years.

  • 2016:- 21,998
  • Mount Isa Population 2019:- 23,648 (Estimated)


Population Of Mount Isa | Mount Isa Population 2019



Mount Isa had an estimated population of 21,998 (According to 2016 census), making Mount Isa the largest and most populace in Queensland’s western interior, and one of the largest centres in outback Australia.

The 2011 census found that 52.8% of people were male and 47.2% were female. Franchises such as McDonald’s, KFC, K-Mart, Best & Less, Donut King, Hungry Jack’s, Pizza Hut, Subway, Coffee Club, Blockbuster, Harvey Norman, Bunnings, Boating Camping and Fishing and EB Games have established offices or stores in Mount Isa. Mount Isa has an area of 62.8 km2 (24.2 sq mi). Mount Isa has a populace density of 350.29/km2 (907.2/sq mi).


People – Cultural & language diversity

Ancestry, top responses %
Australian 31.4
English 21.8
Irish 7.7
Australian Aboriginal 7.1
Scottish 5.9

The most common ancestries in Mount Isa were Australian 31.4%, English 21.8%, Irish 7.7%, Australian Aboriginal 7.1% and Scottish 5.9%.


Country of birth %
Australia 76.4
Other top responses
New Zealand 3.4
Philippines 1.6
England 1.2
India 0.6
South Africa 0.5

In Mount Isa, 76.4% of people were born in Australia. The most common countries of birth were New Zealand 3.4%, Philippines 1.6%, England 1.2%, India 0.6% and South Africa 0.5%.



Religious affiliation, top responses %
No Religion, so described 25.7
Catholic 25.1
Anglican 13.7
Not stated 13.6
Uniting Church 5.5

The most common responses for religion in Mount Isa were No Religion, so described 25.7%, Catholic 25.1%, Anglican 13.7%, Not stated 13.6% and Uniting Church 5.5%. In Mount Isa, Christianity was the largest religious group reported overall (67.5%).



Language, top responses (other than English) %
Filipino 0.6
Tagalog 0.6
Afrikaans 0.3
Hindi 0.3
Fijian 0.3
English only is spoken at home 82.4
Households where a non-English language is spoken 7.8

In Mount Isa, 82.4% of people only spoke English at home. Other languages spoken at home included Filipino 0.6%, Tagalog 0.6%, Afrikaans 0.3%, Hindi 0.3% and Fijian 0.3%. Doncaster Population

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