Population Of Toowoomba | Toowoomba Population 2019

Population Of Toowoomba | Toowoomba Population 2019:- Toowoomba is a city in the Darling Downs region in Queensland, Australian. Toowoomba is nicknamed ‘The Garden City’. Toowoomba is 125 km west of Queensland’s capital Brisbane. The estimated population of Toowoomba as of 2017 was 135,631. There are more than 150 public parks and gardens in the city. Toowoomba has developed into a regional centre for business and govt services. Toowoomba is served by Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport.

Toowoomba is the 2nd most populous inland city in the country after Canberra. In the last 5 years, Toowoomba has also become one of the fastest-growing towns in the country, with low unemployment and an increase in infrastructure leading to employment generation. Bundaberg Population


Population Of Toowoomba

Talking about the population of Toowoomba, in order to check out the population of Toowoomba in 2019, we need to have a look at the Toowoomba populace of the past 5 years. They are as per the following:

  • 2013- 112,110
  • 2014- 113,370
  • 2015- 114,622
  • 2016- 115,868
  • 2017- 117,083
  • 2018- 118,310
  • Toowoomba Population 2019 – 119,550 (Estimated)

After looking at the past data of the Toowoomba from the year 2014-18, it has been seen that every year the population increases by 1240 people. Hence, the population of Toowoomba in 2019 is forecasted to be 119,550.

Toowoomba Population 2019 – 119,550 (Estimated)


Population Of Toowoomba | Toowoomba Population 2019



According to the 2011 census, the Toowoomba recorded a population of 96,567 people. Of these: 82.8% of people were born in Australia, compared to the national average of 70%; the next most common countries of birth in Toowoomba were England 2.0%, New Zealand 1.5%, South Africa 0.6%, India 0.6% and Philippines 0.5%. At home, 89.2% of peoples only spoke English; the next most common languages spoken in Toowoomba were Arabic 0.7%, Mandarin 0.5%, Dinka 0.3%, Afrikaans 0.3% and Cantonese 0.2%.


Population Growth

Looking back 5-6 years of population, the growth rate is very consistent and adding around 1215 to 1922 people each year to the overall population. The reasons contribute to the population growth is that tourism is consistently increasing over the years. Job opportunities and lower rent bring people to Toowoomba. On the other hand, Toowoomba’s beautiful weather also attracts retirees and young people living here.


City Size and Population Density

Toowoomba covers a surface area of approximately 498.1 km2 (192.3 sq miles). The population density of Toowoomba is 272.297/km2 (705.25/sq mi).



According to the 2011 Australian census, Christianity is the major religion in Toowoomba (Roman Catholic 24.7%; Anglican 22%; Uniting Church 6.8%; Lutheran 5.8%; Presbyterian 4.2%; Other Christian 4.2%; Pentecostal 1.9%; Baptist 1.6%; Church of Christ 1.1%) and Toowoomba also has other religion like Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and others.



Toowoomba’s economy is growing. Toowoomba’s GRP was $10,811m as of the 30th June 2018. In Toowoomba, Health Care and Social Assistance is the largest employer, generating more than 14k local jobs.

The Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing industry had the largest number registered businesses in Toowoomba, comprising 21.1% of all total registered businesses. There were 85,369 jobs located in the Toowoomba in the year ending 2018. Toowoomba is a major education centre for the region.

Toowoomba is home to the headquarters of Heritage Bank, which is Australia’s largest mutual bank, FK Gardners and Wagners are located in Toowoomba.

On January 2011, Toowoomba suffered a catastrophic flash flood. The flood caused damage to properties and infrastructure and resulted in the deaths of 2 people. Toowoomba is well known for its many drug offences and stolen cars.

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